Manage PO's with PurchaseManager Software

PurchaseManager is designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME's) that want to manage the 'Order Lifecycle' from order placement through to receiving goods, invoice and payment. It has user access/spend levels, ability to mark-off part received orders, monthly spend graphs, ability to place orders in any currency and much more.

The program enables staff to easily place and track PO's and then maintain a graphical overview of their status. The program will produce a PDF purchase order (PO) and email it to the supplier!

PurchaseManager includes a range of innovative features which simplify the management of orders within your business, making your job easier and substantially quicker saving you money. All our products are designed to maximize ease-of-use, with inventive features and modern styling. Designed for the small to medium sized organisation, the program used a sequentially shared Access database.  Note, you do not have to have Access installed for this program to work!

As PurchaseManager produces all the documentation needed, manages the correspondence with the supplier and manages the 'Purchase Order Lifecycle', you will save 80% of the time you presently spend managing orders!

PurchaseManager has been released as Freeware on Jun 2017, and may be used for free, forever.